#The Thanksgiving Wheelchair and Comments Off

I don’t know why I don’t want to suffer, since until recently I believed that’s what living was all about. Suffer, take an aspirin, stop following your dream, die. I don’t wish to feel those negative emotions… mine or anyone else’s. Compassion has become the new EQ because suffering is seen as unhelpful in this new world we are experiencing for problem solving. The paradigm has shifted, and I’ve somehow broken the barrier of negativity. Not completely, because there are many layers of the onion to discard. Isn’t that an interesting metaphor considering onions make our eyes tear up, which looks sad but is neutral and tears well-up without an emotional charge!

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Now that I have decided to share my writing, I must contemplate how to interact with my audience and still maintain balance. So much ego can interfere with the intent of the writing when looking for love in all the wrong places, i.e. comments. The question becomes where to engage. I love seeing your likes on my posts because that helps me to understand you better, and write words that you might enjoy. However, blog comments can lead me astray down into the Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole of my past mind. Social media (Twitter), and niche communities are the better platform for commenting and learning about the writing craft. So obvious, and now the veil is lifted.

This post is in the News category on my blog because it doesn’t contain references to philosophers. I’ll resume my philosophy series soon.

A Little Social Media History

Several years ago I hopped onto social media as a novice, anticipating a learning curve, and unknowingly became its victim. I was too open-minded. I expressed my ignorance, and the perfect people who feed on innocents had a field day. I allowed that because of a belief that almost everyone knows more than I could ever know about everything there is to know. And that’s actually true, except now I understand that the expertise of an individual is perfectly their expertise, and my expertise is completely different. Yet there is always something to learn from every encounter. After feeling like I had been slammed against a social media brick wall, I retreated totally. As I re-embafk onto the social media trail, some reflection is neccessary to keep my boundaries intact so that my tweets might actually help someone.

A Little Made-Up Science

I love my brain. Thinking is fun. In order to connect my mind with the rest of me, I am open to learning from others. Before that learning can have value I needed to be in the general vicinity of awareness being shared. As I move up I find more compatible awarenesses. However, until I wrote down my entire spiritual journey I couldn’t transcend and become open to new spiritual awarenesses. My book, How I Escaped From Bloody Hell X-ploring Freedom is truths because of authentic recollections and perceptions. Other than the physical evidence displayed on the book’s cover, the science I borrowed is not my own, except as devices to explain my truths, as any metaphor is. I do not have a team of scientists proving my imaginations.

How can I help then? I have never been a healer, am not a healer now, and shall never ever ever ever be a healer (except to myself). How do I know this? Here’s a true story:

It was Thanksgiving. I volunteered to help feed homeless. When most everyone was served I joined a table and began eating the delicious meal. Suddenly, a worker wheeled in an elderly man and parked his wheelchair next to me. The poor guy was shaking like a maniac, and I realized he might have had Parkinsons. It was quite distracting to say the least. All at the table continued eating silently while he shook. Slowly, one by one, my table mates got up, with mostly unfinished dinner plates, and exited the room. A minute later without thinking I blurted out to him, “Wow, all you have to do is shake a lot and you can get anything you want!”

He smiled and we began a somewhat difficult and fascinating conversation. I discovered he had been a famous engineer, evidently a very intelligent one. A few weeks later, one of the social workers told me he wanted to hire me as a live-in health companion. She told him I was NOT the nurturing caregiver type. She never thought to ask me if I wanted the job. She was right. I’ll mess you up even more than you are messed up now. Just ask my sister!

Although my writing generally, and my book in particular, have been proven to help with unblocking creative flow and more, and may be useful to healers for their clients, I feel compelled to close comments on my blog. I write from my heart/brain and know that my audience is intelligent enough to find the truths in what I write that resonate with them, and have the wisdom to leave the rest. Writing can trigger reactions in others because the power of words is miraculous. Therefore I am turning off comments. Ha, you might think that this is an unnecessary retreat. However, it is rather a tough love stance. Those of you who raised kids probably know the value of tough love, and the greater concept of explanation. Therefore I offer you my reasoning.

Two incidents prompted my decision. 1. A young man was expressing his suffering and asked for prayers. He received many likes on his blog, mine included, not one comment. Next time he wrote that he had found comfort from listening to one of his favorite evangelists. In such a short time his problem may not have been completely solved, yet his demeanor was greatly uplifted. I call that a complete victory for him because he found his way without any interference from outside himself!

2. A young woman sent repeated messages to view her site. I knew her from a different name and although the messages raised a red flag in my mind, I checked out her site. Her website was not pornographic, yet the very beautiful young lady was deliberately displaying herself in suggestive clothing. My heart went out to her as I felt her need to receive affection from strangers in such a sad way. I said a prayer for her and unsubscribed, hoping that my compassionate feelings, and God would somehow reach her and bring her enough comfort to love herself more.

I am grateful for the recommendations from others that helped me arrive at this decision.

A Social Media Review and Upgrade?

My early social media experience was about self-induced negative victimhood where I sought answers from others (duality). I notice that my current renewed social media experience is stronger, although mostly about showing others how it is with me, then attempting to right their perceived wrongs (also duality). Who the heck do I think I am?

The Real Solution

Turn off blog comments, stop telling others what they “should and shouldn’t” do, and hire that perfect virtual assistant. I’ll keep an eye on what my followers are sharing on Twitter, and tailor my writings to include the patterns they bring up in my awareness.

Wait until you read the mindblowing article (at least to me) Im working on now!


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