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Happy is he who has overcome his ego — Siddhartha Guatama (c.563–483 BCE)

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Recently I began studying guided meditations from an experiential perspective with Dr. Joe Dispenza, and enjoy sharing my meditative experiences with you.

On Tuesday morning’s guided meditation I released my physical body. I dissolved the physical structure like a gradual Alka Seltzer fizz in a glass of water. Once I reached a condition of consciousness, awareness of being without a body, I witnessed my particle/wave, energy/frequencies drift off into outer (actually inner) space. As my energy moved away from my awareness, each particle/wave spread out leaving space between each individual unit. I didn’t get distracted, and I didn’t turn back (give up) early. I waited for the instruction to “slowly come back to this space and time.” As I reentered 3D, with eyes shut, I reconstructed each part of my body until all pieces were back in place — but of course not exactly the same place, because time had passed in 3d reality. A season had passed and the crops were returning in Spring under different agricultural conditions.

Where does the consciousness go [at Death]? The question should be “Where did my body go?” because you still have the same consciousness. When you sleep and dream you still have your same consciousness, only not by interacting with physical others. You are communicating with yourself again (dreams are energy and vibration without frequency). 

Mary LaForge from How I Escaped From Bloody Hell X-ploring Freedom

Without leaving home during the meditation, I was a time traveler. Like the yogis who are in several places simultaneously. I came back to live the future I had/will experience. My Lego building blocks of body parts felt as if I was re-creating a new structure, not in the same order God had when forming me in the womb. Instead, as sections that my awareness noticed one-by-one from bones to fingernails to a beautiful head of hair. A new physical body.

Ephemeral, highly ephemeral is the world of formations; ephemeral, highly ephemeral are our clothes and hairstyles, and our hair and our bodies themselves.

Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha


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