#In Meditation and IRL True Stories


Sad brain. Sad brain center. Why cry in seven?

I hear the tears of time and essence caress the absence.

Bring up your heart with love, affection. Your mind contracts, connects.

Expand and feel aware and still I am your own, forgiven.

Sweet joy draw nigh, converge, exchange, be lifted high, and out again.

Give it, to you. And you, to it. Complete, you meet…

In one.

Plato (born 428/427 bce, Athens, Greece—died 348/347) believed that “Earthly knowledge is but shadow.” Considering that everything which isn’t original is derivative (shadow), the sentiment sounds true.

For instance, if I discover how to make fire from wood and stone, and if another before me discovered how to make fire, unless I was informed (knowledge), I might believe fire is my original discovery. Regardless of the who, the discovery is still only the derivative curating of existing substances. All aspects of fire already exist. I can only connect parts, derivatively. Knowledge is shared in two ways. 1. As factual evidence, or 2. as a descriptive awareness of essence. Poetry is of the descriptive awareness category and yet it remains derivative because it interprets something sensed (energy, essence). Something, if done correctly, that makes energy understood by our senses.

IRL (IN REAL LIFE) One day as I strolled along West 69, a truck behind slowed to my left. A woman drove, a man was sitting on the right. Although I don’t recall the season — Summer? Winter? — the open window caused no wall between our faces as we spoke.

He asked politely if I needed help. I declined with grace since I was nearing home. He shook my hand, expressed His Love, and they departed.

My walk was good, and pleasant. I felt the peace of vast earth dancing as I strolled its surface. And so the new, the interruption, failed to break my joy. As they approached I somehow knew I was about to feel an unknown presence. Like a child on Christmas morn I dropped my mental habits, and anticipated. I was not to be disappointed.

Later on upon reflection and only in retrospect, much time past the walking meditative glow, I knew I had experienced face-to-face, The Holy Spirit. The experience seemed as if I had noticed Awareness and Consciousness interacting with me. And they were married! I learned…you cannot be Consciousness physically, yet you can be touched by it as Awareness in the present moment. You can also feel it in your heart center as energy, and you can remember the pure feeling of that which you may certainly share with others.

The intersection between Doe Road and Highway 69 I now consider a sacred space. My prayer is that all those who traverse this place, literally or metaphorically, find their spiritual connection in whatever way makes sense for them.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860) said “Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.” When I married I had little experience of others outside my family and small world. I had not been separated from identifying with them as being myself. So, when I left the family unit to live with a stranger, I was utterly amazed and consistently surprised about new gestures and habits and ideas that I was now witnessing, and experiencing. How cool was that!

ABOUT ME. I’m an advocate of self-awareness and a creativity enthusiast. What I most crave, other than honey butter toast, is to hear about and celebrate YOUR metaphysical experiences. IRL is often more amazing than anything! If you have a spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical question that you need help with, please contact your favorite spiritual leader or healer. If you are a healer you might be interested in reading HOW I ESCAPED FROM BLOODY HELL: X-PLORING FREEDOM, for your clients. Second edition launch is upcoming during July in English and Italian.


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