How Akashik Records Can Become Confidence Boosting Friends

Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom.

— Soren Kierkegaard

I like to explore esoterica. Why? Because I like

1. Learning about the good, and less good me

2. Making up my own mind at my own pace of absorption for utmost understanding and assimilation before overloading my system with more information

3. To sift through the minutia, like an ocean swim, to find the essential part that could help my understanding most. Also called essence.

Imparters of knowledge/personal experience (teachers, Masters) have tapped into their awareness, and their shared expressions may be something similar to mine, or new to me.

Rather than seek out the similarities, I get curious about their findings, whether it be biblically centric, or New Age woo-woo. This openness has allowed me to become more discerning. You can learn much from others regardless. According to science, human DNA as a species is 5% similarity across the spectrum; the rest is individuality. Until I get a negativity signal in my gut, or positive goosebumps on my scalp, which are often intuitive responses, I remain open to new concepts.


I ran across a channel called Kryon and listened to a “channeling” where Purpose was being discussed. At one point Kryon said something like “No, it isn’t the book.” I panicked. My fight/flight system kicked into high gear as if I was hearing a critical voice within my mind relating to what Kryon said, and assigning the meaning to me, personally. In other words I was hearing: “That book you spent months and months writing, editing, publishing, marketing, spending money on, blood, sweat and tears on, isn’t your true purpose. In fact, it is so unworthy that you should immediately drop it and start looking for your real important purpose instead.”

(Note: as I write this I hear a flock of birds outside my window squawking with derisive laughter at my stupidity, confirming that indeed I am the fool who believes my book is worthy.)

I can be extremely melodramatic.


This morning, in my new quest for attempting to understand what my “real” purpose is, according to someone else, I listened to another audio from Kryon. If I paraphrase accurately, Kryon spoke about Akashik Records as being within us, in combination with our individual DNA, and together being a receiving/distribution center. Aha! Now I get it!

Previously I had no clue as to what or where Akashik Records were, imagining them to be in some heavenly cloud-like library with stacks and stacks of literal books. There you go, ma’am … the book Kryon was referring to was not YOUR book, nor that skybound Akashik Record of your visual imagination. It is, rather, within your physical body!

Now I have a reference point and can understand that everything I perceive in this physical waking reality is a reflection of the collective me. In other words, the Akashik Records store every bit of information that I ever experienced, and little bits and pieces simply emerge into my worldly awareness, when triggered.

So, the beautiful energies that appear to me from “other dimensions” are only energy that is reflecting something from within the energetic me. Mirrors? Reminders? Pointers? Another way of many ways to perceive the landscape, like a GPS.


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