#Be Critical, Self Forgiveness, Flaws? Pshaw !

“Be a free thinker and don’t accept everything you hear as truth. Be critical and evaluate what you believe in.” — Aristotle (384 – 322 BC)

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PART 1: Self Forgiveness

Only when you forgive yourself will all the elements of your past converge at breakneck speed to coagulation, and then, by your self-forgiveness will you be turning back to your original purity where those elements now become your path to redemption and freedom. My brain is on fire!

PART 2: Flaws? Pshaw!

When you receive a criticism you usually believe the criticism is directed toward you as a “whole being.” This belief causes you to access your fight/flight response and, your ego perceiving danger wants to protect itself (you), so your emotions get triggered making you stop what you are doing, completely (the perceived critical attack), and instead react. Sounds devilish to me.

Tricking the Ego

Slowing down, often by meditation practice, etc., your reaction time also slows, and allows your discerning mind to bypass ego and check out what’s going on. Here’s what my discerning mind discovered today:

Sound has timbre, loudness and softness. Usually our body reacts to loud sounds as being more important. A danger signal perhaps? Subtle sounds often indicate importance on a spiritual, ethereal, intuitive level. We experience both and usually pay more attention to loudness. Symphonies utilize both for balance and beauty.

How Does This Relate To Us Being Criticized?

If we think of “ourselves” as one whole solid body, mind and spirit, we can get lost inside that big picture. Alternatively, when we realize we are a bunch of parts making up that whole, a different perspective happens. We are little, and big.

For instance, liver parts differ from skin parts, and from the electromagnetic signature around us. So, instead of completely stopping what you are doing when confronted with criticism, understand that the criticism is aimed at your liver and has nothing to do with your skin or signature.

Insfead, what actually happens is that somebody else’s liver is reflecting something that YOUR liver is subconsciously expressing. In other words, when you have a conversation and you hear the critical words “don’t do that” or “don’t do this,” understand that the manuscript you are working on has a flaw. Not the entire manuscript that you spent two years writing, but a word, or a sentence, or a paragraph, or a chapter that doesn’t fit in with the rest of your story.

A Flaw Is A Flaw Is A Flaw

In itself, there is nothing wrong with that flaw except that it happened in the wrong place at the wrong time. In fact it may be a higher message that snuck its way into your consciousness when you weren’t looking, and is the gem you needed or will need for a different story.

Happy July 4th, y’all!


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